Expectation 2012

My name is Umer Ijaz, from Pakistan. I hope that the next year i.e. 2012 is wonderful brilliant and excellent for every one especially for R.A.S.A.G. IT Club because the all staff Katelyn Mckeown who invite us to learn Computer i.e. E- Mail Address, Face Book and Blog etc. which is very essential for every person because it is modern world and every one want to share, collect information and it is only possible when you know Computer, E-Mail. If you have your E-Mail address you very quickly share and collect information from one to another it takes only few minutes, therefore, I advice to every person to learn Computer in the year 2012 if not learn in the year 2011 and I expect and hope that R.A.S.A.G. IT Club also invite more people to learn Computer in the year 2012. I except that every person will enjoy in the year 2012 and all worries will finished in the name of Inshallah.

I am also hope and expect and seeing that 2012 Inshallah will excellent brilliant and wonderful for every one, it will brings happiness for every and each person.